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Video Marketing: Where’s the Value?

Video marketing is a big concept. Bigger than most actually think about when they’re considering whether they should invest in it for their own business.

It encompass several different elements that must come together, working seamlessly with existing websites and social media pages to really make an impact. Siloed strategies don’t work here.

The No. 1 question we get, hands-down is, “Where’s the value?”

Have you balked at an estimate you’ve received for video? You’re not alone. When Mike and I founded LionWise Production and Consulting, we wanted to make sure that we weren’t just handing off videos. This isn’t a one-time dump of money that you’ll never see again in return for a few views.

That’s just not how you make an impact.
That’s not how you see ROI (Return on Investment).
That’s not how you tell a story that’s bigger than just a single video.

Your video strategy needs to be part of a bigger story: one that establishes your brand as a go-to resource, and one that is authentic and grounded in your core values. So when we sit down to come up with a video strategy, there’s three components that are incredibly important:

– Conversation Building
– Shared Values
– Highlighting Brand Personality

Why these three? Because that’s how you build credibility. Credibility leads to trust. Trust leads to authenticity and authenticity leads to loyalty. Through this process, you get return business—and there’s your ROI.

Of course, you can have several different end-games in mind: generating new business, converting leads into business or further establishing existing relationships to build your referral network.

Think of it as a game of Chess. It’s a long game. You can’t simply move one piece without thinking about overall strategy. That’s how you throw away money.

Each piece of content you post is an individual move that gets you closer to your end goal: winning the game.

To get started, think about putting together a content calendar. Lay out all of your content ideas and how they might fit into your social media strategy. Also note what the goal is for the individual piece of content and who your specific audience is.

Strategize with purpose and with quality.

Yes, it’s big. Yes, it’s comprehensive. And, yes, it can seem really overwhelming.

But you don’t have to do it alone. And it becomes less of a burden when you strategize and break it all down into small steps.

Don’t forget, we won’t leave you stranded. When we create content for you, we work alongside you to come up with a plan—one that leads to results and one that more than answers the question, “Where’s the value?”

We’re here to work through any of your questions. You can reach myself or Mike by emailing us at

– Liz Dominguez, LionWise Co-Founder