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Mid-year review – How Video Can Tweak Your Strategy

I love July!

With the holiday behind us, we march straight into the summer months, easily my favorite time of year! Along with grilling, going outside and enjoying our upcoming vacations, one big business task comes to mind that seems daunting: our mid-year business review.

As I clean up my CRM and put together highlight content, I also take a long, hard look back at the previous six months and say, “What’s working, and what isn’t?”

Luckily, video gives us plenty of options on how to create new content and improve existing content. It also gives us a way of re-engaging with potential audiences who may be interested in our services down the road.

So how can we use video to improve on our initial business plans?

Your website and social media should reflect the new content you’re creating—a once-over of these elements should be done to make sure you’re displaying your most relevant content. If the latest work you have on your website or on Facebook is a listing video or product showcase video from 2019, it won’t look right!

Speaking of social media, now is a great time to take some of the slower campaigns you’ve run and repurpose them into a video format. Maybe an ad image didn’t work too well, but the campaign did bring in some business, for example. Making a video to spruce up your campaign will definitely boost engagement, as social media favors video over other forms of content.

You should also take this time to use your past work to reach out to those audiences that are “on the fence.” If a potential client is unsure about your product or service and you have a great video that works as a success story or case study, now is the time to re-engage and give them an idea of what they can expect.

And if that’s not enough, if you’ve been steadily creating video content for your products or services from Day 1, now may be a great time to put together a highlights video of some of your greatest hits. This not only shows off great footage, but it also lets you repurpose your content to get the most out of it.

Here’s a great example of how we took content over May and June and created a highlights video to showcase what we’ve been working on!

Video is such a versatile tool for our businesses. Make sure you go into the second half of the year with it ready to go, and with more knowledge behind you! And, remember, this doesn’t have to add to your plate. Call your friendly neighborhood videographer and he’ll put together a highlights reel for you in no time!

– Liz Dominguez, LionWise Co-Founder