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Drone Video: Questions to Ask Before Jumping In

I love creating aerial video. It’s some of the most-searched content on the web, and it’s also some of the most fun to create.

Putting a drone into the air comes with a lot of creative choices with some special considerations. Before we dive in though, what makes aerial photo and video so important?

It’s the fact that it’s a unique and creative angle to view your subject!

While we see more and more content being shot with drones, it’s still relatively new and exciting technology that gives us a truly fun sight to behold. Sunsets, beaches and landscapes always look so awe-inspiring from 400 feet in the air.

The unique vantage point of an aerial photo or video can show us things that we wouldn’t normally see. Maybe you’re selling your home and marketing the fact that the roof is brand new. Or you’re inspecting a construction site and need a lay of the land. You could be a farmer surveying your harvest or a small business showing off a unique logo on the side of your building. Heck, we can even use it to showcase a community with a sprawling view of your local downtown.

If you want to use aerial content for your business, you should first ask yourself what you want to showcase. Aerial content is very exciting and has many practical uses, from real estate marketing to high-action video. Think about what you want to show your audience.

Also, ask yourselves these questions:

Is it showing my audience a part of my business that no one knows about?

Is it practical to showcase something from that angle?

Is it legal? (We’ll touch on this in a minute.)

If you can answer these questions, then you’re ready to put on your aviators and take to the sky.

But what are the things you should look out for when hiring someone to fly a drone?

Before you contract anyone to fly a drone for your business, you should first ask if they are licensed to fly commercially with the FAA and if they are insured. The FAA Part 107 Certification is required for any business to fly safely in the skies commercially, and requires regular updating/re-testing for anyone that holds it.

If you’re paying someone to capture content with a drone, they need to have this certification. It’s also required if a drone operator is planning on operating within 5 miles of virtually any airport.

There might be some restrictions based on your area as well. While the maximum flight ceiling is normally 400ft above ground level, this might change if you are near an airport or attempt to capture anything at night. A licensed Part 107 Operator can not only spot these restrictions, but they can also take steps to apply for authorizations and waivers with the FAA to fly within restricted airspace.

You should also look at their work and make sure that not only do they create the type of content you’re looking for, but that they’re able to meet the scope of your project or are transparent if something can’t be achieved due to airspace restrictions.

Here at LionWise, we ensure that we’re not only licensed, but we’re also happy to discuss how we can take to the skies to capture the content you need for your business.

Contact us today to schedule your aerial video.

Happy Flying!

– Mike Dominguez, LionWise Founder